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5 Reasons You Should Pick Up the Swinging Bridge Magazine

Maddie Crocenzi

Tomorrow is arguably going to be the best Monday of the 2015-2016 academic year so far.  Right now, you’re probably wondering why. Is it warm cookie day in Lottie? Will there be hundreds of adorable puppies running around campus? Or maybe there’s going to be a freak snow storm, making it the earliest snow day of the entire school year? The answer is none of these. However, there’s still a reason to get excited because this Monday marks the release date of the Swinging Bridge Magazine. Here’s 5 reasons you should pick up the magazine tomorrow:

1. It makes for a great shield when you’re trying to remain inconspicuous.

Let’s face it, Messiah is a small campus. It’s easy to run into that person you conveniently “forgot” to text back or the professor whose class you just skipped. Avoid the awkwardness by burying your nose in the magazine. It’s one of the surest ways to remain under the radar, besides sitting in the corner of your dorm room with all of the blinds closed.


From: www.reactiongifs.com found on giphy.com
From: www.reactiongifs.com found on giphy.com.

2. Like many middle schoolers of long ago, you can rip out the pages and hang the pictures on your walls.

Extra wall space you don’t know what to do with? The magazine can get your creative juices flowing! Instead of hanging up that massive Jonas Brothers poster you carefully ripped out of your Tiger Beat magazine in 6th grade, you can bring back the practice with the Swinging Bridge Magazine. There’s plenty of engaging photos and great design elements worthy for even the best dorm room walls. Hang them up for aesthetic appeal or to combat growing semester stress.


From: www.tumblr.com found on giphy.com
From: www.tumblr.com found on giphy.com.

3. You can step outside of the “Messiah bubble.”

Don’t be like the guy below. While the magazine includes plenty of student life and on-campus news, it has a lot of world and local news as well. You can avoid being that friend who acts like you know what’s going on in the political world, only to google the candidates names later, by reading the magazine. Take a leap out of your comfort zone and read about what the rest of the nation is up to. I promise you, central Pennsylvania won’t suddenly become the next New York City while you’re stepping outside of the bubble.


From robinspielberger.com found on giphy.com
From: robinspielberger.com found on giphy.com.

4. You can make fun of your friends’ quotes and headshots, while secretly being jealous.

There are a lot of students featured in this upcoming issue of the magazine. You can laugh at the sweaty photos we took of your friends at Into the Streets, while secretly being jealous of the fact that they’re semi-famous. We all know that while you’re making fun of them for being in the magazine, you’re secretly a little upset you weren’t featured. Just remember, there’s always next issue!


From tumblr.com and found on giphy.com
From: tumblr.com and found on giphy.com.
  1. You could actually read it.

If none of the above options appeal to you, you could always sit down and read it. There’s some really great stories in this issue… from Lottie Life Hacks under Student Life, to Planned Parenthood in Culture, and Women’s Athletics in Sports. Trust my entirely biased opinion that it’s well worth reading. So stop what you’re doing tomorrow, head over to the Falcon, Lottie, Murray Library, Frey, Boyer, or the Union and grab your copy. Don’t say I never told you what was coming.

From www.ok.co.uk and found on giphy.com.
From: www.ok.co.uk and found on giphy.com.


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