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10 Reasons You Should Apply to Work at the Pulse

Madeline Crocenzi

The Pulse is a pretty unique organization. We’re constantly running around campus taking pictures, scribbling notes, and fighting off carpal tunnel when furiously tweeting campus news. All while wearing pretty sweet black t-shirts. If you’ve ever thought that it would be great to pursue your media passions, whether it’s with the magazine, yearbook, radio, or social media, while getting paid, the Pulse is for you. Luckily we’re hiring new staff members for next semester. As if you even needed any more convincing, here’s ten reasons you should apply to work at the Pulse.

1. You’re getting paid to do things you really want to do, with people you love.


Editor-in-Chief Maddie Crocenzi, Web Manager Erin Zakin, Social Media Manager Jessalyn Megerle, and A/V Manager Lindsay Corriveau.
Editor-in-Chief Maddie Crocenzi, Web Manager Erin Zakin, Social Media Manager Jessalyn Megerle, and A/V Manager Lindsay Corriveau.

If you’ve ever stood in the Lottie dish room after Thanksgiving dinner and regretted all of your life choices, consider applying for a new job at the Pulse. As our A/V Assistant, Becca Simon, says, “I get paid to do the thing I love with the people I love!” What could be better?

2. The staff room is always stocked with free ramen and candy.


Found on giphy.com originally from GIMMETHATDYICK.TUMBLR.COM.
Found on giphy.com.

Instant noodles and chocolate are the college combination dreams are made of. Just make sure to stockpile the Reese’s peanut butter cups in a secure location, they tend to go fast.

3. You get to work with some pretty amazing people.


To use an overused Messiah buzzword, the Pulse is like a community. Our Web Manager, Erin Zakin, says, “the amazing team members you work with” is just one reason the Pulse is a great place to work.

4. White blank page? Come to the Pulse to build a better resume.


Found on giphy.com
Found on giphy.com.

Our Student Director, Ally Coonradt, says the Pulse is a great place to get real-life job experience. “When I was Social Media Manager, I also did event planning, radio, and writing! It’s a great learning opportunity.”

5. You can literally impact the campus we all love.

Found on giphy.com
Found on giphy.com.


Whether it’s writing on a sometimes controversial topic, taking emotional family photos at the Candlelight Service, or creating a yearbook that touches the hearts of all seniors, you can leave your mark on Messiah. Business Manager, Josh Husmann says this is one reason he loves the Pulse. “I enjoy being able to see the changes and the impact that we make on the student body and with the faculty also.”

6. If you join the editorial team, you’re basically joining a nerdier version of the Spice Girls.


Found on giphy.com
Found on giphy.com.

Our editorial team is currently made up of five females. You can join the coolest female group ever to live (cue Beyonce’s Run the World), and you might be the first lucky male to interact with five females on a regular basis. God be with you.

7. Plus, you get to write cool articles on important topics like this.


8. If you’re more into design, you can create a lasting legacy on the yearbook.


Found on giphy.com
Found on giphy.com.

Who doesn’t sit around at 2 in the morning and contemplate how to leave your mark on the world? Well, here’s one great way to do it. Help create a book that encapsulates a year and will live in the hearts of seniors for a lifetime.

9. The Pulse is like a paid internship, right on campus!


Found on giphy.com
Found on giphy.com

Located conveniently in the Union, you’re just a few feet from ice cream and cheesesteaks. This really comes in handy when you’ve been running around campus for 48 straight hours during Welcome Week and need nourishment.

10. Dr. Arke is THE MAN.


Courtesy of Dr. Arke's Facebook page.
Courtesy of Dr. Arke’s Facebook page.

From his Christmas time rap, distinctive Pittsburgh Pirates tie, and indispensable advice about EVERYTHING, Dr. Arke might as well be the face of the Pulse. He’s the Pulse’s supervisor who gives invaluable advice, and he’s a bank of knowledge for almost every situation. Plus, he’s unfailingly patient in putting up with the staffs’ general weirdness.


If I’ve been successful in convincing you, (and how could I not?) please consider applying with us! Visit us at pulse.messiah.edu/jobs for more information and application details or email us at thepulse@messiah.edu.


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