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Romantic comedies are not as popular as they were about 10 years ago. The genre has done a lot and there are not many new avenues it can go down. Crazy Rich Asians attempts to break some of these tired conventions, but at the same time falls right into them to make for a cliché, but fairly enjoyable movie.

What It’s About

While this movie was marketed as a romantic comedy, it veers strongly towards being a family drama. The main character, Rachel, is Chinese-American and is dating Nick, a man from Singapore who is living in the States. Nick’s best friend from his childhood is getting married, so Nick invites Rachel back to Singapore with him so she can meet his extended family. From there, drama ensues as Rachel and Nick have to navigate her rocky reception into the family.

Cultural Implications

This film is relevant today because of how it gives representation to Asian people in a mainstream Hollywood movie. Each main character in the movie is of Asian descent, and that is certainly something to be celebrated. This is probably part of the reason there are so many parties in the movie. It should be celebrated because Hollywood is historically not as diverse as it should be. But similar to films such as Black Panther, Crazy Rich Asians is important. Their reception at the box office and among critics has shown that people are more than ready to accept films like this, as they should be. It’s Hollywood’s turn to catch up and continue to put out movies like this.

The Movie Itself

The film utilizes some creative techniques for its filmmaking. There are some scene transitions and visual styles that are unique and make it stand out. It is shot well and there is always something interesting to look at. But with all of this being said, the story is very by-the-numbers. It is a story that we have seen before, but with the twist of a different culture being thrown in. This keeps the film from being able to surprise its viewer because it is beat for beat like every other romantic comedy.


Crazy Rich Asians is an important movie. It is entertaining and provides some good laughs along the way. The dramatic elements do not work quite as well as they could, but the film makes up for it in heart and culture.

You can see Crazy Rich Asians at Parmer Cinema on Friday, November 30 at 6 and 9 p.m. and Saturday, December 1 at 3, 6 and 9 p.m.

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