Kendra Sommers
Student Writer

For the first feature in ‘Restaurant Spotlight,’ highlighted today will be the Indian restaurant on the Carlisle Pike: Banana Leaf Indian Cuisine. It has impeccable flavors, friendly staff and is only 15 minutes away from campus.

Banana Leaf has been open in the area since 2017. After speaking with the owner Venkat R. Maruri, I learned that in order to set his restaurant apart from the other local Indian restaurants, he came up with three goals: “quality, affordability and educating the local crowd on what ethnic food is.”

Indian food has a very communal atmosphere as a part of its experience. When ordering, it’s often best to get some kind of biryani, a couple of different curries and naan as the basic formula if you do not know what to order.

Banana Leaf Indian Cusine is located at 6520 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050.

[Biryani is a spiced rice that, at Banana Leaf, can come with your choice of lamb, chicken, goat, shrimp, or vegetables. The two sauces [on the right] can be mixed with the biriyani to add different flavors. The top red sauce allows for a spicier kick, while the bottom yogurt-based sauce, cools your mouth down. Biryani is great eaten by itself or with other curries and is best when shared.]


[Featured is Paneer Tikka Masala which is a curry that has paneer [cubes of cheese] marinated in yogurt, lightly spiced, sated with onions and bell peppers. This curry can also be substituted with chicken, goat and lamb. All curries can be modified for your liking of spiciness.]



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