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Tattoo Tuesday: Emily Koontz

Tattoo Tuesday: Emily Koontz

By Celica Cook, SBM Student Life Editor This week we are featuring Emily Koontz, a senior public relations major with a couple tattoos that hold significant meaning for her. Both of her tattoos remind her of who she is as a child of God, and as a human being. This is...

Parking Problems

Parking Problems

By Jessie Morgan Messiah’s campus has seen several changes since Fall 2019. The construction of new Kim S. Phipps Welcome Center has brought about many changes on campus, from detours and walking limits to safety policies. Worst of all, it seems that students are...

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

By Brian Shermeyer Valentine’s Day is one of the most disputed days of the year. Some people love it, some hate it, others are indifferent to the day. Despite our varied opinions on it, I believe there is a great benefit for all on this day of love. For couples,...

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Talk shows. Live student DJs. Hits from Classical to Indie

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