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Apply for the Pulse

Join the team for Spring 2018!

All applicants must fill out the General Application and submit references from two campus employees.

Positions open:

Assistant Student Director

  • “Assistant Student Director does… Anything and everything! From administrative tasks, buying office snacks or organizing staff events, the Assistant Student Director does it all. That’s the best part of the job, because you can choose what you want to do in addition to that. This fall I decided to be more involved by writing a section of the magazine for each issue. Definitely the most fun position at The Pulse” – Gabrielle Kurtz, current Assistant Student Director

Sports Editor

  • “As the sports editor for the Swinging Bridge Magazine, you’ll come up with the story ideas and get a chance to tell stories of sports around campus, not only for the Messiah athletic teams but also around campus. The sports editor will have their own staff of writers to complete the sports section of the Swinging Bridge Magazine, as well as write online stories as an editor for all sections. If you love sports or simply telling stories, this is the job for you” – Willie Hope, current Sports Editor 

Online Editor

  • “The stories and articles that appear on the Pulse website fall under my domain. Each week, I brainstorm different story ideas and send them out to volunteer writers with a description of each idea, due dates, word counts, etc. Once each story is complete, a writer will send their drafts to me for editing. After I make some edits, I insert some visuals such as photos or links to other sources, and then publish the story on the website for everyone’s viewing pleasure. I love my job at the Pulse because it has taught me how to be a team member and how to conduct myself as a young media professional. Time management is key in this position in order to post articles in a timely manner and effectively communicating with other members of the editorial staff is essential. This position has also taught me how to think creatively in order to find new content that is interesting and relevant for the Messiah community” – Alyssa Burd, current Online Editor

Audio Visual Assistant

  • “I think one of the great things about being a part of the Audio Visual team is the opportunity to go to events that you might otherwise not attend (Not to mention attending for free!). Concerts, Dances, keynote speakers, you name it! Taking photos at events and working with organizations to create promotional videos has really helped me to extend my sense of community and get to know a lot of great people. On top of that, it’s the perfect time to experiment with photography and editing techniques while also improving a professional portfolio” – Austen Bowser, A/V Manager

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