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Humans of Messiah: Megan Hamilton

Natalie Vermeulen Student Writer Name: Megan Hamilton Year: First-year Major: Biopsychology, pre-OT Megan Hamilton—a girl whose joy and love of the Lord are evident through her smiles and excitement for life. Find her in Jordan Kline doing lots of science, or back in Naugle goofing off with her friends. Is …

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Rwanda Genocide Survivor Aids Victims Through Story

Matt Dekonty Student Writer Umuhoza Pari Liliane has dedicated her life to victims of genocides throughout the world and believes that sharing stories and coming to terms with grief benefits survivors and eliminates trauma that gets passed down generations. She shared her own story in Parmer Cinema on Tuesday. “When …

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“When Crisis Hits Close to Home”: Pa. Opioid Epidemic

Sharlene Oong Student Writer Geisinger Holy Spirit Medical Group and Messiah College School of Graduate Studies co-sponsored a vital discussion on Monday in Parmer, addressing the opioid epidemic in Pennsylvania. The diverse group of panelists included Carrie DeLone, Duane Nieves, Kristin Varner, Jordan Barbour, Leah Clark and Karl Bergmann. The …

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Tattoo Tuesdays: Celica Cook

Stephanie Bricker Student Writer Many of our Tattoo Tuesdays feature visited shops within driving range of Messiah, and a lot students have visited the same artists. But this week’s feature, first-year journalism major, Celica Cook, got all four of her tattoos before even coming to college in her hometown in …

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Human Library Comes to Campus

Becky Kimmel Editor-in-Chief Tomorrow afternoon, Murray Library will come alive when paper books are temporarily replaced by living ones. How, you ask? Why, through the living stories you pass everyday. Let me introduce you to an event called The Human Library, where 18 students, faculty and staff will become human …

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What’s in a Name?

Celica Cook Student Writer We live on a Christian campus where there are a lot of Johns, Calebs, Rachels, and Ruths walking around. Each of these names has significance when it comes to faith and scripture, but a name is much more personal than that. A name is a reflection …

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Movie Review: A Quiet Place

Matt Dekonty Student Writer Opinion Silence is Golden The post-apocalyptic world of A Quiet Place presents its characters with a simple yet seemingly impossible challenge: never make a sound. Even the most minor of noises can attract the massive alien creatures, which attack their prey and destroy them in seconds. …

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Daily De-Stressors: Think Warm Thoughts

Charmaine Lim Student Writer There are only five more weeks until the semester ends. Even though snow still seems to be flurrying from the sky, rest assured that it will soon feel like spring and the weather will be perfect for these activities. Read Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by …

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