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Tattoo Tuesdays: Kenedy Kieffer

Stephanie Bricker Student Writer Senior public relations major Kenedy Kieffer’s experiences in life have impacted her so much that they’ve become artwork. Her tattoos represent what she has learned and the way she hopes to live her life. How many tattoos do you have and what are they? I have …

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Tattoo Tuesdays: Lydia Harris

Stephanie Bricker Student Writer New ink alert! This week’s Tattoo Tuesdays artwork is only a couple days old! Sophomore Lydia Harris just got inked for the first time with a simple, but meaningful message on her forearm. Keep reading to check it out! What does your tattoo mean to you? …

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Can’t Touch This: Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Maddie Conley Online Editor Opinion A group of middle school girls sits around a table serious and straight-faced. This is an uncommon occurrence. Being a leader at my church’s youth group, I have the privilege of meeting with a group of young girls every Sunday night to talk about life. …

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Humans of Messiah: Megan Hamilton

Natalie Vermeulen Student Writer Name: Megan Hamilton Year: First-year Major: Biopsychology, pre-OT Megan Hamilton—a girl whose joy and love of the Lord are evident through her smiles and excitement for life. Find her in Jordan Kline doing lots of science, or back in Naugle goofing off with her friends. Is …

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Tattoo Tuesdays: Celica Cook

Stephanie Bricker Student Writer Many of our Tattoo Tuesdays feature visited shops within driving range of Messiah, and a lot students have visited the same artists. But this week’s feature, first-year journalism major, Celica Cook, got all four of her tattoos before even coming to college in her hometown in …

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What’s in a Name?

Celica Cook Student Writer We live on a Christian campus where there are a lot of Johns, Calebs, Rachels, and Ruths walking around. Each of these names has significance when it comes to faith and scripture, but a name is much more personal than that. A name is a reflection …

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‘March for Our Lives’ Fosters Discussion on Gun Reform

Sharlene Oong Student Writer *Disclaimer: This article was not meant to express views of the author, but to highlight the recent events and conversation on gun violence. On February 14th, the United States faced one of its’ deadliest mass school shootings in history at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in …

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Tattoo Tuesdays: Becca Ford

Stephanie Bricker Student Writer Simple, sweet and straight from Scripture— that’s the theme of this week’s Tattoo Tuesdays. Junior psychology major Becca Ford told us all about her tattoo displayed on her forearm as a priority reminder to her and everyone who sees it. How many tattoos do you have …

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Tattoo Tuesdays: Megan Leiby

Stephanie Bricker Student Writer We’ve talked to many students the last couple of weeks who say they love the tattoos they have… but they want more. But Megan Leiby, senior human development and family science major, says her seven tattoos represent everything she cares about, and that’s all she needs. …

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Lights Off: Earth Hour 2018

Maddie Conley Online Editor This Saturday millions of lights will be switched off to celebrate diverse life on our planet and to spark conversation around taking action for the planet and nature. Earth Hour 2018 will respond to the accelerating climate change and staggering biodiversity loss that threaten our planet. …

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