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Repost: White Spaces by Jamelle Bouie

Following the arrest of two black men at a Philadelphia Starbucks, Jamelle Bouie wrote this article titled ‘White Spaces’ for Slate.com, where it first appeared. The Pulse does not claim any rights to this article.  By: Jamelle Bouie for Slate.com Philadelphia is a city in which 43 percent of residents …

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Can’t Touch This: Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Maddie Conley Online Editor Opinion A group of middle school girls sits around a table serious and straight-faced. This is an uncommon occurrence. Being a leader at my church’s youth group, I have the privilege of meeting with a group of young girls every Sunday night to talk about life. …

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Is He Dead? Keeps Twain Fresh In the Twenty-First Century

Matt Dekonty Student Writer Opinion What’s It About? The plot of Is He Dead? centers around a painter in need of some fast cash who realizes his artworks would fetch a higher price if he was deceased. His acquaintances proceed to force him into a scheme where he fakes in …

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Daily De-Stressors: For the Spring Weather

Charmaine Lim Student Writer Read Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. Maddy Whittier is allergic to the world, which means that she can’t ever go outside. Her days are spent in her white, sterilized room, doing homework for her tutor and talking to her housekeeper, Carla. Until a boy, Oliver Bright …

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Lost Films-Know Before You Go: Darkest Hour

Robert Bouffard Student Writer Opinion I’m not someone who knows a whole lot about history. Before seeing Darkest Hour, I knew that Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of England during World War II, but that’s about it. Fortunately, the way the plot of Darkest Hour is structured allows someone …

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Movie Review: A Quiet Place

Matt Dekonty Student Writer Opinion Silence is Golden The post-apocalyptic world of A Quiet Place presents its characters with a simple yet seemingly impossible challenge: never make a sound. Even the most minor of noises can attract the massive alien creatures, which attack their prey and destroy them in seconds. …

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Daily De-Stressors: Think Warm Thoughts

Charmaine Lim Student Writer There are only five more weeks until the semester ends. Even though snow still seems to be flurrying from the sky, rest assured that it will soon feel like spring and the weather will be perfect for these activities. Read Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by …

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Lost Films- Know Before You Go: Wonder

Robert Bouffard Student Writer Opinion Judging people based on how they look is a prevalent problem in today’s world. Wonder works to address that very issue through the story of Auggie Pullman (Jacob Tremblay). The positive themes are what hold this movie up. The overall plot and characters falter at …

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Movie Review: Ready Player One

Matt Dekonty Student Writer Opinion Game Over, Man Ready Player One paints a rather bleak picture of the near future. After humanity simply gave up on solving most of its problems, they instead turn to the OASIS, a massive virtual world used by almost everyone, all the time, for anything. …

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Daily De-Stressors: Easter Break

Charmaine Lim Student Writer Its Easter break and we all get a long weekend off. To make use of the break, check out a few of these new activities. Read Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick. Popular actress Anna Kendrick wrote a memoir back in 2016 about her life before …

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