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The Netflix effect

Andrew Weir Student Writer Binge-watching is an infamous ritual for many Netflix subscribers, where we sit down with a pizza from the Union and grind through our favorite television shows or Netflix originals. Binge-watching can be a great way to relax, but it has more consequences than we’d like to …

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Should we stay or leave now?

Cam Caem Student Writer Imagine the excitement of receiving an acceptance letter from your dream college. Now imagine the joy and fulfillment of attending that college after years of perseverance and hard work. Finally, picture that moment of hearing a presidential candidate in that country you’re now studying in declaring …

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Tattoo Tuesdays: Camillus Caem Anak Nahar

Jen Morgan Student Writer For this week’s edition of Tattoo Tuesdays, I sat down with Camillus Caem to learn more about his tattoo stories. I learned a lot during my interview with Cam, but the most important lesson I took away? Make sure you stay true to yourself. Here, Cam …

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Tattoo Tuesdays: Caitlinn Curry

Jen Morgan Student Writer It might not be a Friday, but at least it’s time for another edition of Tattoo Tuesdays! The column has continued to gain popularity on campus, and I have loved hearing all of your positive feedback so far. This week, I interviewed Caitlinn Curry about the …

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10 things you can do on Earth Day

Valerie Bell Student Writer The anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970 is celebrated on April 22, what many of us know as Earth Day. There are many opportunities at Messiah to get involved with sustainability and participate in activities and tasks that are beneficial to …

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Reclaim: Stories of Messiah

Junmey Wang Student Writer Every person you pass by has a story if you’d stop – and listen. This is a work-in-progress – a project to share the voices around us that are awaiting to be heard. The stories you’ll read here help us explore universal truths and our common humanity, bringing to …

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Tattoo Tuesdays: Rachel Sutton

Jen Morgan Student Writer In last week’s edition of Tattoo Tuesdays, we learned about Zach Luman and the stories behind his tattoos. I got so much positive feedback from students on campus about Tattoo Tuesdays and how much they love the column idea, so I’m looking forward to sharing more …

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Tattoo Tuesdays: Zach Luman

Jen Morgan Student Writer At Messiah, tattoos have a mixed reputation. Some students can’t imagine life without their ink while others would rather forgo the pain the artwork requires. On campus, there are a handful of students who fall into the first category – including myself. To showcase the various …

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