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5 Reasons to Write a Letter to the Editor

Bree Whitelock Online Editor We’re people and well naturally, we have questions. Have you ever felt strongly toward an article topic you read in the Swinging Bridge Magazine or the Swinging Bridge Online? My suggestion, write a letter to the editor. Letters to the editor were created as a way of offering …

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“Naps and College: They Seem to go Together”

Elizabeth Gutman Student Writer For college students, taking a nap can solve a lot of problems: from not getting enough sleep the night before and getting a necessary boost of energy, to fulfilling the need to relax, or to even pass the time, naps seem to be the solution to almost everything. …

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9 Reasons to Gif Thanks for Thanksgiving

Bree Whitelock Online Editor Food babies. We’re all in the same (gravy) boat on this one. Forget seconds, you can have thirds, fourths, fifths… There’s nothing better than the unique personalities of the family unit coming together at one table. Hello second cousins you haven’t seen since this time last year.   Because …

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10 Reasons You Should Apply to Work at the Pulse

Madeline Crocenzi Editor-in-Chief The Pulse is a pretty unique organization. We’re constantly running around campus taking pictures, scribbling notes, and fighting off carpal tunnel when furiously tweeting campus news. All while wearing pretty sweet black t-shirts. If you’ve ever thought that it would be great to pursue your media passions, …

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Campus Closet: Mothco Clothing

Bree Whitelock Online Editor More Than Conquerors, referenced as Mothco, started as the idea of two high school students wanting to positively impact the lives of local families affected by cancer. Mothco co-founder and Messiah College Sophomore, Samuel Bernhardt continues to live out the company’s mission two years later. Mothco’s mission remains “to partner …

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What’s Life as a Commuter Like?

Mason McFee Student Writer Commuters – they simply drive to school and back, so what’s the big deal? Commuters are often overlooked people on campus, and the big deal is we need to give them more attention. Sure, they may be recognized as students, but we often forget to focus …

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21 Ways to Get By Until the New Star Wars Movie

Ally Coonradt Hall Student Director It’s no shock that it feels like a long, long time ago we found out there would be a new Star Wars movie. We were nervous because we didn’t want the movie to be distorted. We’ve been #blessed to find out it actually looks really …

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Part Two: Christ-Minded Feminism

Jennifer Morgan Student Writer In the first part of my series about Christ-Minded Feminism, I spoke about what feminism really means, and why it’s important for Christians to think more in depth about this topic. To gain insight from other students about what feminism means in their lives, I asked four students – both …

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6th Day Sexuality Chapel Recap

Kelly Webber Student Writer On October 29th, Messiah welcomed two guest speakers to a Thursday-night chapel “Viewpoints: A Dialogue on Christianity & Sexual Identity.” The debate was part of the 6th Day Sexuality series hosted by the Engle Center. According to, this series “equips Messiah College students to pursue healthy …

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The Power of Words: A reflection on Kirby Farrell’s talk

Jenna Stover Student Writer On Thursday afternoon, October 29th, the School of Humanities and the Department of English held a guest speaker event in Boyer. Messiah College hosted Kirby Farrell, a professor of English at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Farrell is considered accomplished as a novelist, jazz pianist and composer, …

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