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“No, I’m Not the Professor”: When College is the Retirement Plan

Maddie Conley Online Editor Feature Another day, another set of classes to attend. Students walk briskly through the cold, clad in American Eagle jeans, fashionably oversized sweaters and the newest pair of Vans shoes. Slumping into the classroom chairs they wish were their beds, heads turn towards the student that …

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Q&A with HRA: Memorial to the Lost

Becky Kimmel Editor-in-Chief Since Sunday afternoon, many of you have probably noticed the rows of t-shirts hanging on crosses in the middle of campus. And many of you have probably wondered what they are. I sat down with Madi Keaton, HRA director, to answer these questions for you. Chapel tonight …

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‘The Most Impactful Event’: Stories from the Human Library

Becky Kimmel Editor-in-Chief   Wednesday afternoon, Murray Library was filled with stories. Stories from students, faculty and staff. Stories that were told to other students, to other faculty and to other staff. Each storyteller has an experience all their own; one they wanted to share, or one they felt others …

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Wrestling Team Enters the World of Pokémon

Maddie Conley Online Editor Campus saw an outbreak of Pokémon characters yesterday. Don’t worry, the colorful creatures seen running around have been identified as the men’s wrestling team. The game involves senior team members acting as “trainers” chasing after the underclassmen acting as Pokémon. The trainer who catches the most …

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Seniors Face Pressure to Make Post-Grad Plans

Jessica Henry Student Writer With commencement quickly approaching, the future is at the top of the list of things seniors are thinking about. In addition to finishing class work and making the most out of the last days of their college career, students are making decisions about the next stage …

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Human Library Comes to Campus

Becky Kimmel Editor-in-Chief Tomorrow afternoon, Murray Library will come alive when paper books are temporarily replaced by living ones. How, you ask? Why, through the living stories you pass everyday. Let me introduce you to an event called The Human Library, where 18 students, faculty and staff will become human …

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Senior Art Majors Show Off Their Final Pieces

Sharlene Oong Student Writer It’s that time of year again where students, parents and teachers come together to marvel at the last pieces of artwork of Messiah Senior Art majors. The ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ resounded from Aughinbaugh gallery this weekend as admirers viewed the creations. Here a few students are …

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Harrisburg Neighborhoods: Extended Edition

Becky Kimmel Editor-in-Chief Did you just put down your copy of the March Swinging Bridge? Did you read Harrisburg Neighborhoods and wonder where all these places are? If so, then you’re in luck. Here’s a list of each featured Harrisburg destinationand its address. Happy adventure-ing! Places to go: River City …

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