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What it takes to be an R.A.

Alyssa Burd Online Editor Resident assistants are often expected to fill many roles on campus. They serve as event coordinators, conflict mediators and authority figures for their fellow students in order to make Residence Life more enjoyable. However, being a R.A. is not an easy job, and the process of …

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10 Tips for Staying Motivated this Semester

Charmaine Lim Student Writer It’s your second semester of year, and all you want is for summer to roll around. Here are some tips on how you can stay motivated for a few more weeks.   Create a motivational environment. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you and decorate …

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Meet Student DJ Jason Polansky

Bree Whitelock Student Director Meet Jason Polansky: sophomore marketing major and WVMM 90.7’s first blind student DJ. Each semester the Pulse’s radio station, WVMM 90.7, opens its airways for student DJs to showcase their music taste, host a talk show or creatively express themselves through an hour-long weekly timeslot. As …

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MC-77 Returns for a New Semester

Abby La Bianca Student Writer With the spring semester now underway, MC-77, the on-campus TV station that airs two shows every Monday night, has returned after a long hiatus during winter break and J-term. MC-77 consists of two separate shows – Falcon Update and MC-Live. Falcon Update airs from 7 …

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Tattoo Tuesdays: Madison Neimer

Tyler Jenkins Student Writer Tattoos have a multitude of implications, and it’s important to remember that reasons for getting them differ from person to person. While a tattoo can be an incredibly elaborate and detailed plan for one person, it can be totally random and fun for another. This week, …

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Humans of Messiah: Professor Andrew Dyrli Hermeling

Jemi Lui Student Writer Name: Professor Andrew Dyrli Hermeling Department: Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice Class: Messiah College, 2006 Why did you choose to go into Native American studies? I’ve always been interested in colonial history, and as I was exploring research options in graduate school, I had an advisor …

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6 Ways to Beat the “Cold Weather Blues”

Valerie Bell Student Writer There is nothing worse than being trapped inside on a dark, cold, snowy day. Maybe you dread that walk to class because of the brutal winds and icy sidewalks. And after class, you might find yourself bored with nothing to do since you can’t go outside. …

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Affordable Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Jenna Stover Student Writer Trying to find the perfect gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend or BFF this Valentine’s Day? I understand—the pressure is on. You don’t want to be cliché while trying to avoid damage to your already depleted bank account. Here are a few ideas that can help you …

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SGA’s LEAD Week lends spotlight to student leadership

Alyssa Burd Online Editor Leadership skills play an important role in Messiah’s mission to prepare its students for life after college and this week, SGA is sponsoring LEAD Week which is dedicated to promoting student leadership on campus. In honor of this week, we talked to some current student leaders …

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