Know Before You Go-Lost Films: Eighth Grade

Know Before You Go-Lost Films: Eighth Grade

Robert Bouffard Student Writer Most of us were in eighth grade about half a decade ago. Whether or not we enjoyed our experience, it was definitely very different from the experience that eighth graders are having today. First-time writer/director Bo Burnham is even...

Power Outage Caused by Fallen Tree

Maddie Conley Online Editor Today around 4:45 p.m. the power went out across campus due to high winds and fallen trees. It may take time before the power is restored. Many buildings including dorms, apartments and the Union are still dark. “A tree went down in...
The Union Stage To Stay Dark Tonight

The Union Stage To Stay Dark Tonight

Becky Kimmel Editor-in-Chief The Union will be a little quieter tonight following the decision of the band, Diet Cig, to cancel their show. Earlier in the semester, SAB entered into negotiations with Diet Cig to book the band for this Wednesday. As is custom with...

Messiah Dreams Big: Isaiah Snyder

Stephanie Bricker Student Life Editor Isaiah Snyder is a first-year commercial music major who dreams of using music to impact and help people the way music has impacted him. Many of us know how music can change or encourage us in challenging situations or help us...

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