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Reserve your copy of the 2015 Clarion today! Click here to make your online yearbook reservation.

Parents: publish a special message to your student with a Baby Advertisement!


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  1. Suzanne Fenello says:

    Hi Lauren/Frances. I filled out the form and paid for Caitlin’s baby ad for the yearbook but have had great trouble getting my computer sinc’d with our scanner to forward you her pics. Therefore, I just wanted to let you know that I am having copies of the pics made and mailing them separate. The rest of the information is on the computer form. Hopefully this is still okay as I realize I’m past the deadline, but I wanted to wait until Caitlin was gone so she wouldn’t see it, then just forgot.
    Thank you so much!!!
    Suzanne Fenello
    (Cait is in Africa and doing great but she misses everyone and being at Messiah!)

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