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Post-Election Updates: Part II

With inauguration day nearing, the fight over the 2020 presidential election remains a key focus of both political parties.    While president-elect Joe Biden prepares to enter the White House on Jan. 20, the Trump administration continues its battle to prove...

The Journey of Cherisse Daniels

Every person who walks into Cherisse Daniels’ office is immediately welcomed by the tapestry on her wall of a black woman with her natural hair out and a crown atop her head.    “Black queen,” Daniels said. “Black women are told we can’t be this way or can’t look...

Post-Election Updates

With the year 2020 almost at a close, the United States is still working on two major issues:  managing the widespread COVID-19 pandemic and putting the recent presidential election to rest. Many agree that each has affected the other, bringing unprecedented...

Introducing: the November Issue

From campus magazine racks to your personal device, the next issue of the Swinging Bridge Magazine is here!

"As a black woman it's hard to not constantly think about your race.""

Read about the struggles of black women in America.

From “The Black Women In America,” pg. 24

"It's okay to try things and put work out there."

Discover the senior project of Rachel Rochet and Ellen Diehl.

From “Theatre Senior Spotlight,” pg. 8

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Talk shows. Live student DJs. Hits from Classical to Indie

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