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National Learn a Word Day

Happy Friday everybody! Not only can everyone celebrate the end of the week today, but they can also celebrate another odd holiday of October.    Today is deemed National Learn a New Word Day. Although the origins of the holiday are unknown, it is assumed that...

Movie Review: Ford v. Ferrari

Movie Review: Ford v. Ferrari

This past weekend, Lost Film’s Screen on the Green was the 2019 film Ford v. Ferrari. The film was originally met with audience and critical acclaim and was praised for its compelling retelling of a true story. Is Ford v. Ferrari really worth the rather long...

Odd October Holidays: National Flower Day

Oct. 7 designates “National Flower Day.” Not to be confused with the holiday celebrated on March 21, today specifically focuses on the U.S. national flower, the rose. This day marks the signing of Senate Joint Resolution 159, which adopted the rose as the national...

"For Me, My Parents Are Heroes"

Read the story of Joanna Matlak’s family, who survived World War II, and the religious freedoms she holds dear today.

From “The Freedoms I Never Knew,” pg. 17

"It Was Exactly God's Plan"

Discover the Collaboratory team’s trip of a lifetime. But not just for sightseeing for building all-purpose wheelchairs.

From “A Trip Worth Taking,” pg. 7

"We are competitive. We are a varsity team."

Meet Messiah’s newest athletic team: E-sports.

From “In With the New,” pg. 26

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