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Daily De-Stressors

Abby Kropp Student Writer We are only two weeks in, and the homework is already piling up. In between the studying, reading and writing, find time for a much-needed break. Grab some friends for a game night or movie night or just lounge around with a good book. Here...

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Hurricane Florence: What to Expect

Maddie Conley Online Editor It seems these past few days you don’t need to check your weather app to know it’s going to be rainy and overcast. While Messiah has seen a total of 5.25 inches of rain, compared to the rest of the region, there has not been much damage...

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The Pursuit of Rachel Flowers

Maddie Conley Online Editor It is no secret that Messiah College is predominately white. Though our posters, pamphlets and website may show a relatively balanced ratio, walking around campus you see the real picture. As unbalanced as it may seem now, there was a time...

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The Swinging Bridge Magazine

Our award-winning monthly update for campus & beyond.


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