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Weekday Mornings: Classical music and news
Weekday Afternoons: Indie Music, Contemporary Christian Music, & Live Student DJs
Sports Broadcasts: Home games including soccer, basketball, baseball, and softball


Students, are you interested in hosting your very own show on Messiah College radio?

  • You can play practically anything (but keep it clean)
  • You can do a talk show on any topic including health, politics, sports, or art
  • You may have a co-host or do a solo show

If interested in doing your own show OR broadcasting sports, email us at thepulse@messiah.edu.


  1. Great Thursday sports talk! I listen every week!

  2. Great music…but I wish the names of the songs were on an online playlist so I could listen to them again later!

  3. I love it. Wish I could find the signal for it in more areas though. I like that it doesn’t play main stream and the student DJs add a kick. Not many stations play indie which is why I love this station. Over all I’d give it 7 out of 10. Would be a 10 however do to my personal tastes, the classical and other certain things that are discussed kill it for me at times but it is a religious college radio so it’s to be expected and I’m ok with that.

  4. This is a sweet radio program. Nicely done. I love the hands-on experience for the students.

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