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  1. We love Colby’s Call! Great insights

  2. It IS Beach Boys Christmas music!

  3. Hi from Flourtown and yes, we are listening.


  5. THATS YOU???

  6. #smashmusic

  7. josh should be on national radio. I wouldn’t listen to it 🙂

  8. Who is this Josh guy

  9. Doing a great job Amos! Love the mix of music 🙂

  10. Yay! Millie and Jamie! Your music and words speak to my heart. Never stop doing you. It would mean the world to me to get a shoutout!

  11. Great job Ally! 😀

  12. Wonderful show! I WILL be safe over my Spring Break 😉

  13. Oh my gosh, Millie and Jamie, I love you guys! I’m such a huge fan! 🙂

  14. Millie you’re doing a fantastic job. You are awesomely. Love and miss you. Mommy.

  15. Great job, Millie and Jamie!!! Love the show and would love a shout out 🙂

  16. You’re doing a great job Ally! It’s great to see a fellow classmate doing great things! 🙂

  17. Great Job Ally, listening to you all the way out here in California. Love Aunt Jami

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