Our Specialties

This is what we do at the Pulse.

Pulse FM 90.7 is the Pulse’s radio station, located on Messiah’s campus. Tune in to hear everything from classical music and indie to featured student DJs in the afternoon.


The Swinging Bridge Magazine is our monthly student publication featuring student writers, art, photography, and more. The magazine has three sections, Student Life, Culture, and News.


Web includes all Pulse social media channels and its websites, the Pulse and the Swinging Bridge. Visit the Swinging Bridge website for the newest articles, from news to entertainment.


The Clarion is Messiah’s yearbook, highlighting major events throughout the school year. The yearbook is provided to graduating seniors for free.

About Us

This is who we are.
Our Mission

be informed. be connected.

The Pulse: Media Hub was established in 2011 to connect the various student-run media centers on Messiah's campus. All of our media channels consist solely of student workers and volunteers.

The Pulse is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest news via social media outlets and through our website. Apart from news we also collect and display information that can be helpful like the campus wide event calendar, student directory, and other informative pages on our website.

  • One

    Act as ambassadors for Christ though the promotion of honest journalism

  • Two

    Provide students and community of Messiah College with timely and accurate news

  • Three

    To decrease the impact of campus rumors by providing relevant and factual stories on important topics

  • Four

    To promote and ensure freedom of the press at Messiah College and among its students

Our Team

Meet the people behind the Pulse.
Ally Coonradt-Hall
Student Director
David Broomell
Assistant Student Director
Maddie Crocenzi
Megan Dobinson
Design Manager
Jimmy Gibbons
Design Manager
Erin Zakin
Web Manager
Lindsay Corriveau
A/V Manager
Jessalyn Megerle
Social Media Manager
Mikaela Mummert
Radio Manager
Josh Husmann
Business Manager
Rose Talbot
Student Life Editor
Mimi Pedercini
Culture Editor
Ashlyn Miller
Sports Editor
Bree Whitelock
Online Editor
April Nguyen
Design Assistant
Kieran Mayer
Music Director
Ryan Emerick
A/V Assistant
Rebecca Simon
A/V Assistant

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