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8-Bit Christmas

“The year was 1987, or was it ’88?” Grownup Jake Doyle (Neil Patrick Harris) begins, when all he wanted for Christmas was a Nintendo. And when I say Nintendo, I’m not talking about your everyday DS Lite. We’re going old school, y’all. “Nintendo,” Doyle narrates to his...

Senior Show Spotlight

Two more of Messiah’s seniors take the stage this weekend to present their work in the Fall Senior Series. This weekend’s series feature the original works of Theater and Dance major Liberty Dolence and Dance major Mackenzie Williams. Here is a preview of what...

White Christmas Movie Review

White Christmas (1954): a vibrant, charming, and heart-warming Christmas classic. With old-timey vocals, dazzling dance numbers, and mounds of snow in the mountains of Vermont, what’s not to love? The only way to watch the movie, in a true corny-Christmas fashion, is...

Introducing: the December Issue

From campus magazine racks to your personal device, the next issue of the Swinging Bridge Magazine is here!

"Students have been asking why athletes are able to get away with breaking the universal guidelines set in place because of COVID-19

Read about the difference between arts and athletics.

From “Arts and Athletes During COVID-19,” pg. 15

"I think that God's heart is very clear that He uses women, He empowers women..."

Read about the leadership of women.

From “Redefining Femininity,” pg. 11

"It's always been a little difficult to recruit people to run for presidency."

Read about the struggles of finding students to run for presidency and leadership opportunities.

From “Student Elections & Leadership Opportunities,” pg. 10

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Talk shows. Live student DJs. Hits from Classical to Indie

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