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SAB Hosts Jukebox Night

During last Monday night’s dinner-rush at the Union Cafe, SAB allowed students to take control of the ambiance during what they dubbed “Jukebox Night”. As the post-Thanksgiving, pre-finals week stress kicked in, students eating, studying, and hanging out at Union...

No Need To Beat Yourself Up – The Goblin Cave

Lately I’ve seen my friends at the academy struggling with a problem I’ve had myself more times than I can count: men, women, elves, and goblins all wanting to do their best — wanting to give their 100 percent everyday at every opportunity. It’s an admirable thing,...

“Interstellar” Review – Reams and Reels

A movie many people consider to be one of the most mind-bending stories, “Interstellar” is full of great acting and interesting storylines. It is most well known for its soundtrack, which won several Academy Awards. Directed by Christopher Nolan and boasting a cast...

Introducing: the December Issue

From campus magazine racks to your personal device, the next issue of the Swinging Bridge Magazine is here!

"Students have been asking why athletes are able to get away with breaking the universal guidelines set in place because of COVID-19

Read about the difference between arts and athletics.

From “Arts and Athletes During COVID-19,” pg. 15

"I think that God's heart is very clear that He uses women, He empowers women..."

Read about the leadership of women.

From “Redefining Femininity,” pg. 11

"It's always been a little difficult to recruit people to run for presidency."

Read about the struggles of finding students to run for presidency and leadership opportunities.

From “Student Elections & Leadership Opportunities,” pg. 10

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Talk shows. Live student DJs. Hits from Classical to Indie

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