The Pulse is more than a

campus media hub.


We’re a home for content that entertains and inspires.

We’re a library for student stories.

We’re a lens for off-campus culture.

The Pulse consists of Pulse FM, The Clarion yearbook, and The Swinging Bridge Magazine.


We seek to:

  • Act as ambassadors for Christ through the promotion of honest journalism
  • Provide timely and accurate news
  • Function as a media lab for students to gain skills in
    writing, design, radio, communication, and more
  • Decrease rumors on campus
  • Promote freedom of the press
  • Provide student voices and perspectives
  • Integrate and utilize new technology
  • Unify faculty and students through the output of mutual news and events





Find us on our many social media channels, or go to the contact page to learn how to get in touch.