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Emilie Rush, Director

Graduation Date: Spring 2023

Major: Digital Media, Minors: Business Administration, Psychology, Digital Marketing Certificates.

Time with The Pulse: Since Fall 2019

“I love getting the opportunity to work with great and talented people, and to learn new things in many different areas. The Pulse has a unique position on campus and I’m glad that we can help people on campus, even if it’s just bringing a smile to their day.”

Ethan Dyrli, Editor in Chief

Graduation: Spring 2024

Major: Communication. Minor: PR. 

Time with The Pulse: Since Spring 2021

“My favorite part of my job is collaborating and being pushed by my talented peers!”

Dani Johnson, Assistant Director

Graduation: Spring 2026

Major: Broadcasting & Journalism

Time with The Pulse: Since Spring 2023

“favorite part about my work is the people I work with and that I can lead others.”

Pam Reinoso, Social Media Manager

Graduation: December 2023

Major: Public Relations, Minor: Music

Time with The Pulse: Since Fall 2022

“Collaborating with other departments on what they want promoted on social media and the newsletter (examples: reading over interesting articles from students for the newsletter or listening to new music from the Music Director’s playlist)”

Tyler Caruso, A/V Manager

Graduation: Spring 2024

Major: Film

Time with The Pulse: Since Spring 2022

“Favorite part about work is being able to capture moments and memorialize them forever through photography.”

Amber Swaisgood, Design Assistant

Graduation: May 2023

Major: Graphic Design

Years with the Pulse: Since Fall 2021

“I love collaborating with everyone on making the Swinging Bridge Magazine. Getting to publish our student work and seeing how impactful it can be to our community has become a passion of mine.”

Adi Mansour, Web Manager

Graduation date: Fall 2025

Major: Cybersecurity, Minor: Business

Time with The Pulse: Since Fall 2022

“The Pulse provides a unique platform for students to express themselves and share their stories with the wider community, and I am proud to be a part of that process.”

Sabrina Standford, Radio Music Director

Graduation semester: Fall 2024

Major: Public Relations major, Minor: Hospitality & Tourism Management

Time with The Pulse: Since Fall 2022 

The best part of my job is getting to listen to lots of new music! I also have the opportunity to meet and interview tons of new artists to help promote their music on air and through our podcast “In The Studio with Pulse Radio.”

Zachary Hinds, A/V Assistant

Graduation: Fall 2024

Major: Film and Media, certified in Adobe Premiere Pro

Time at The Pulse: Since Spring 2023

“It is such a blessing to be able to work at The Pulse. Everyone who works there is amazing and I love to get to know them. Getting to explore campus and take photos is also a huge plus. I love expressing creativity through photos and videos, and my job allows me to do that. It is so hard to have a favorite thing about working for The Pulse because everything is amazing.”

Allyson Lyndaker, Design Manager

Daniel Leslie, Radio Manager

Graduation: Spring 2026

Major: Broadcasting/Journalism major, Minor: Politics

Time with The Pulse: Since Spring 2023

“The wide range of student podcast and radio hosts”

Mackenzie Christie, Culture & Arts Editor

Graduation date: December 2023

Major: English

Time with The Pulse: Since Fall 2022

“My favorite part of this job is having a platform to investigate the different corners of our campus community. It’s been such an incredible experience to showcase students talent, discuss interesting topics, and especially bring difficult conversations to the foreground.”

Liliana Mora, Yearbook Manager

Graduation: Spring 2023

Major: Studio Art (3D Concentration)

Time with Pulse: Since Fall 2022

“I like being able to refine my skills in graphic design through my work on the Yearbook and Swinging Bridge Magazine”

Kate Trimble, Design Assistant

Graduation: Spring 2024

Major: Studio Art BA with a Graphic Design concentration + Digital Marketing Certificate.

Time with The Pulse: Since Fall 2021

“My favorite part of my work is collaborating with The Swinging Bridge’s writers to design spreads that bring their articles to life.”

PJ Riddell, Sports & Health Editor

Graduation: December 2023

Major: Broadcasting & Media Production

Time with The Pulse: Since Fall 2022

“The most rewarding part of my job is the ability to have authentic conversations with people I interview, learn their stories, and then share those stories that nobody may ever get to learn otherwise.”

AJ Jerome, Student Life Editor

Graduation: Spring 2025

Major: Clinical Psychology

Time with The Pulse: Since Fall 2022

“my favorite part is getting to interact with different parts of the student body and hear so many people’s stories!”

Dominic Lucyshyn, Business Manager