According to a national poll by, “Friends” is the most streamed HBO Max show nationwide. We polled Pulse followers and discovered that “The Office” is your most streamed show.


The national poll was only HBO Max streaming, but we wanted to give you more options. So, you told us what shows you were watching. “The Office” and “Schitt’s Creek” were the two most popular original votes, so then we pitted them up against each other. 76% of those who voted say that they are watching “The Office.”


Recent graduate Sarah Blessing has always been a fan of “The Office.”


“It’s just a classic and my whole family loves it,” she said, “so it is something that we can all sit down and agree to watch and enjoy together.”


Galen Fitzkee, a senior peace and conflict studies major, believes the show could continue to be the most popular, at least on college campuses, for years to come.


“At this point, it’s kind of a classic,” Fitzkee said. “And it’s almost a right of passage for a high school or college student.”


“The Office” is a mockumentary about a group of office workers and their nine to five work days. Featuring Steve Carell and John Krasinski, the show runs nine seasons, ending in 2013. 


“The characters work together so well and I love the dynamics that they create in an office setting,” Blessing said.


The mockumentary style adds humor and continues to reel in audiences. Fitzkee believes this is its best feature.


“I definitely think it’s the humor and the personalities of the characters that draws people in,” he said. “It doesn’t seem as old as it is. I guess a good laugh never gets old.”


“The Office” is currently streamable on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube and Vudu. However, next year NBC Universal will have exclusive rights to the show, so streaming will be limited to  that service.