Radio Underwriting
Underwriting with WVMM


WVMM seeks to keep listeners engaged during breaks and air underwriting announcements in alignment with our programming values (as well as FCC requirements). We greatly value your support and commitment to student media and quality programming in Central PA. Before applying, please take a moment to read the provided guidelines.These guidelines seek to preserve the non-commercial nature of WVMM.

An announcement must identify, but may not promote, the underwriter, its services, facilities or products. It may not express the underwriter’s views on any matter of public interest or importance. It may not support or oppose any political candidate. To maintain the consistency of our sound, all messages are live reads or are prerecorded by a station voice.


Underwriting announcements may:

  • Describe your business.
  • Identify facilities, services, products or product lines (no more than a total of three mentions per announcement).
  • Describe your corporate mission.
  • Inform the public of events you sponsor.
  • Include a corporate slogan, so long as it is not overly promotional.
  • Include a web address, phone number and street address for your business.
  • Indicate the number of years you have been in business.
  • Include the name of a nonprofit organization you support, although it must be clear that you are providing the funding for the announcement.


Underwriting announcements may not include:

  • Qualitative language. (e.g., award winning, leading, etc.)
  • Comparative language. (e.g., better, best, oldest etc.)
  • A call to action (“Visit our store…””Purchase tickets at…”).
  • An inducement to buy, sell, rent or lease.
  • References to price or value.
  • Personal pronouns, unless as part of a slogan.


Underwriting Organizations:
We seek to provide a student perspective and voice to today’s pressing issues along with quality music programming. WVMM reserves the right to determine that an underwriter or the content of a proposed announcement are inconsistent with the station’s mission. In these cases, sponsorship may be declined.

Messiah University’s Community Covenant
WVMM exercises absolute editorial control over underwriting announcement copy and reserves the right to edit copy to conform to station and FCC guidelines. WVMM will not air underwriting messages supporting the sale of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or fire arms in keeping with the Messiah College stance on use of these products. WVMM is created to serve the student body of Messiah College as well as the surrounding community.


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