The Pulse recently put out a poll on Instagram, asking the Messiah Community this vital question: Is November too early to start listening to Christmas music or should the start of the festivities come much later?


The race was close, with 51% of participants saying that November is the Christmas music season and 49% saying it is way too early. 


Naturally, lots of students had reasons for their stance.


Most that answered against November listening commented that Christmas music should start the day after Thanksgiving, never before. 


Those on the opposing end had some good counter arguments.


Sophomore Cassie Barbush said, “It’s the only thing keeping me going until finals. It makes me happy!”


“In 2020, there are no rules about when the Christmas season can start,” Residence Director Josiah Hatfield said.  


According to a 2018 survey by The Tylt, 44.6% of people polled said playing Christmas music in November is perfectly socially acceptable, while 55.3% disagreed. 


Compared to those numbers, Messiah is a relatively more jolly community – but just marginally. 


I will not try to convince the grinches among us, but The Odyssey has a compelling list of reasons why listening to Christmas music in November (yes, even at the very beginning of the month) is more than ok. 


1. You can celebrate more than one holiday at the same time

2. Why wait till you are too busy to enjoy Christmas?

3. There is just so much music to listen to

4. It makes you happy

5. The Christmas spirit should last all year


If you want to catch up to all of the early November listeners, click here to listen to one of the greatest Christmas tracks of all time, “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey, to officially start the Christmas season.