Power outages due to storms caused closures on campus on August 19. According to Kathie Shafer, Vice President for Operations, Eisenhower, Sollenberger Sports Center, Boyer, Old Main, Frey, Murray Library, and Hostetter all lost power between 1:30-3:30 am. 

Emergency power kicked in to keep the power on in Eisenhower. When it was reset this morning, around 7:20 am, there was an issue that caused the building to lose power for a short period of time. 

Students received a text and email RAVE alert this morning notifying them of the closures in Eisenhower and Sollenberger. Lottie remained open but the Falcon closed temporarily. 

Lottie workers were prepared with alternative options to keep students fed if they did not regain power. Their plan was to serve a sandwich and salad for lunch at the Union, and if the power outage lasted throughout the day, a picnic dinner. 

After the short power outage in Lottie, the lunch menu may have a few minor adjustments, but nothing major students should be concerned about. 

Around 11:15 am, students were notified by mass email that the Falcon is now open for grab and go. 

Everything has returned to normal and dinner at Lottie will continue as planned.