Messiah University’s Student Government Association (SGA) is a student organization that works with students and administrators to address the needs and interests of the student body. Get to know a few of SGA’s members below to learn more about their roles on campus!


Cody Ford, Student Body Vice President

“My primary responsibility is serving on Student Senate, which is the main legislative body of SGA. In that role, I assess to governing the 70+ clubs on campus and am in charge of what clubs do and facilitate the meetings. I also serve as chairmen of the assembly where I support the four main SGA senator committees, which include Finance and Organizations, Operations, Campus Engagement, and Social Concerns. I am the go-to person for all things student government-related,” Ford said.

Ford helps with voicing student suggestions on changing or adding new policies through a legislative process. New policies and changes that students want to see go through a proposal structure, which starts at the Standing Senate Committee and eventually works its way to the University Council, which includes President Phipps and her cabinet, the Board of Trustees, and the Deans of Students. 



Madison Colon, VP of Finance

“At the beginning of each semester, students have to pay a student activities fee which is how SGA acquires their funds to distribute. I approve purchases and reimbursements given from the clubs. I am also involved in the legislative process and help implement change,” Colon said.

Colon does the budgeting process for how funds get distributed for each charted club on campus, which then gets approved by the cabinet and the senate. 






Haley Blauch, VP of Engagement

“I help facilitate student interaction with the student cabinet. I am in charge of event outreach activities such as the Senior’s Last First Day, the New Student Social, the White Out March, and the Soccer Tailgate. The Student Engagement Committee is working on creating class-related activities this academic year by breaking away from traditional clubs and building class unity. I also control the SGA social media accounts. I leave this role in December, so I would be more than happy to discuss the role and train with anyone interested in this position,” Blauch said.


Besides VP of Engagement, SGA is currently taking applications for students to serve as Student Review Board members and Student Senators. More information can be found on SGA’s website.

If students have questions or want to voice their opinions and concerns, they can visit SGA’s office (located upstairs in the Union) or email