Messiah University is a safe community for both students and faculty. However, theft occasionally occurs on campus. 

Bryce Wickard, Interim Director of Safety, has advice for the community on how to avoid experiencing theft.

“Thefts almost always occur when valuables are unattended,” Wickard said. “Those who steal are not inclined to do so when someone is watching. Thus, locking your doors, both room and vehicle, and always having your valuables within eyesight are two of the best ways to avoid victimization.”

Wickard advises students that work out in the Fitness Center to place their items on the floor next to the equipment they are using rather than placing them in the cubby holes near the entrance.

Students should also take advantage of a new service that the Department of Safety is offering this year called Operation ID. 

“Contact Officer Keith McMann ( and he will provide an inscribing tool to put your name or other identifying information on your valuables,” Wickard said.

Taking these few extra steps can prevent students’ belongings from being stolen. Students should contact Bryce Wickard via email for more information about campus theft prevention.