The Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) will be taking students to Nashville in October for the “Into the City” experience this semester.

The upcoming Nashville trip is from Saturday, October 16, to Wednesday, October 20. This will cover the first half of fall break, and students will not need to miss any classes. Messiah will be providing transportation for the trip.

The group of participating students will leave Messiah Saturday morning and have the rest of Saturday night as well as the majority of the day on Sunday to explore Nashville. Students should bring money for any extra activities, food or transportation in the city are not included as a part of the trip.

The schedule begins Sunday night with an alumni session at the Contemporary Music Center. On Monday and Tuesday, students have scheduled meals and meetings with professionals in various fields. Time when there are no scheduled events is free time for students. Students will leave Nashville Wednesday morning to go back to Messiah and have the rest of fall break to relax.

Students must apply by Wednesday, September 22, and will have a casual interview with staff at the Career and Professional Development Center on September 23 or 24.

About 22-28 students will be accepted and will be required to attend an orientation session on October 10. The cost of the trip is $100 plus personal spending money. All participating students must be fully vaccinated before the trip. 

“Into the City” Career Immersion Trips are a fun and exciting opportunity to gain practical professional experience outside the classroom.

The “Into the City” program is designed to help students gain networking experience and learn about life after college. Participating students spend a few days in the city visiting large companies for presentations and panel discussions with Messiah alumni. 

Students of any major are invited to apply to these trips. The CPDC has six program objectives for “Into the City” trips:

  1. Receive an orientation to city living, working and community.
  2. Expand awareness of career options as they pertain to personal strengths and interests.
  3. Gain information on desired skills and experiences of successful job candidates.
  4. Get exposure to a variety of industries and an introduction to different hiring practices.
  5. Build confidence regarding career planning and decision making.
  6. Understand the importance and process of building meaningful connections in the city.

The CPDC hosted an information session on Wednesday, September 8, to give students some detailed information and answer questions about the trip. 

The information session was led by Abby Book, the Assistant Director for Employer and Alumni Engagement, and Dwayne Keiffer, the Assistant Director for Career Coaching and Education. Although a lot of helpful information was given during this session, interested students were not required to attend.

Click here to learn more about “Into the City: Nashville” or to apply for the trip.