Last night, the Student Government Association hosted an extended forum attended by representatives from Messiah’s clubs. Here’s what was voted on that students need to know about.


1. A senate resolution on pedestrian and skateboarder safety was passed in full in response to approximately 80 recent boarding incidents.

  • This resolution would recommend a set of safety measures to the University on behalf of SGA.
  • The resolution recommended an investment in better lighting along University avenue, providing better visibility for skateboarders, pedestrians, and drivers.
  • The changes in lighting would include more lights posted on University Avenue near the High Center, and the switching from orange lighting to a cooler color, which would penetrate onto the road better.
  • The resolution would recommend that the University provide reflective tape for those students who want it, but would not require said tape.
  • Also, the resolution recommends that Messiah’s safety guidelines be more heavily emphasized in all-hall first-year meetings and by the University’s RDs.
  • This resolution does not aim to require helmets on campus, seeing it as something that is unlikely to be able to be enforced.
  • SGA affirms the practice of skateboarding on campus and hopes to see it continued.


2. An educator requirement for club advising was also passed.

  • From this point forward, any advisor to a club must be a part of Messiah’s Community of Educators.
  • Those clubs who wish to have a non-educator as their advisor must receive separate approval from the Cocurricular Education Council.
  • However, those non-educator advisors who are currently advisors may remain as such for the Fall 2021 semester, and will not have to be approved separately.
  • Those current advisors affected will come under review by the Cocurricular Education Council for the Spring 2022 semester.

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