“I’m Ready”

Adam Melchor

Released Sep. 9th, 2022


“I’m Ready” is the second single off Adam Melchor’s upcoming album, “Here Goes Nothing!” In the past, Melchor has played with layered elements in his production to give his work a full and dreamy sound.

“I’m Ready” is reminiscent of his past work without being too similar. The song starts soft as Melchor sings about an almost love and how he is ready for whatever they might give him. As the song progresses, more layers are added to the instrumental until a final crescendo, which allows the listener to feel both the hope and the fear that comes with being not quite friends, but not quite lovers.

Melchor keeps his lyricism quite simple in this song, and it feels like that was on purpose. This song is sung by Melchor to his not-quite lover, and with the words he chooses, it seems as though Melchor has had enough of dancing around the truth of his love and decides to lay it all out. Although it would have been nice to see some of the metaphors he has utilized in the past, this style of writing accomplished what it needed to in “I’m Ready”.




Adam Melchor

Released July 18th, 2019

“Joyride” is a standalone single in Adam Melchor’s discography. Melchor utilizes an arrangement of strings and horns to create a melancholic feel in the production of this song. This piece is similar to many of his other works, as it slowly builds into a beautiful crescendo for the final portion of the song. Melchor’s use of strings and horns create an atmosphere that invokes a sense of leaving behind something you loved. The lyrics are confusing until you discover the hidden meaning behind them.

Melchor cleverly uses the metaphor of a broken-down car to symbolize a love that is no longer working as it used to. In the chorus, the lyrics spell out the regret of not making the most of a relationship when there was still the spark. The cherry on top of an already heartbreaking song is the car sound effects at the beginning and end of the song.

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