The Messiah Women’s Basketball Team has one new name on their roster this season: Charlotte Milanesi, a freshman studying applied health science.

Milanesi started her high school basketball career off as a guard at Veritas Christian Academy in Sparta, New Jersey. During her last two years of high school, she stepped up to the point guard position.

Moving into the collegiate level, Milanesi knew she wanted to attend a Christian university. When it came to the education part of college, she knew most universities would fulfill that need. But the same couldn’t be expected when asked about basketball.

“I wanted a program that would challenge me. I would rather wait my turn and work up to having playing time then have to play as a freshman because they need me to,” Milanesi said. 

Milanesi is the only freshman on the team, an opportunity she doesn’t love, but hopes to capitalize on. 

“That’s not what I have wished for, but there are so many good things to come out of it. I get the only opportunity to be the only inexperienced college player,” Milanesi said.

The basketball team only has eleven names on the roster this season.  Being the only freshman, one thing Milanesi hopes to accomplish is outrun and outwork her upperclassmen competitors. 

“Whether I like it or not, they are going to be bigger than me, stronger than me, they might even be faster than me. But one thing I can control is my endurance and work ethic,” Milanesi said. 

With a very eager attitude, Milanesi is looking forward to everything this season will bring. Charlotte is excited to get back in the gym, put on the uniform and see where the Lord takes her team this season.

“I’m just excited to play with experienced college players,” Milanesi said.

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