Northern Attitude

Noah Kahan

Released Sep 16th, 2022

“Northern Attitude” is the second single released off of Noah Kahan’s upcoming junior album, “Stick Season”. This album will mark Kahan’s switch from pop to folk, a change that has been long awaited by his followers. The release of the first single, the title track of the album, confirmed that folk is Kahan’s genre.

The production of this work feels reminiscent of the “stomp-and-holler” folk sub-genre of the mid-2010s. The parts of the song that Kahan teased on various social media platforms gave the impression that “Northern Attitude” would be a slower-paced song that centered around strings. However, the reality of this piece features a fast-paced, plucky mandolin and steady percussion throughout. The tempo feels almost urgent, which pairs well with the pace of Kahan’s vocals to embody what this song is truly about.

The lyrics in both singles Kahan has released so far have been centered around his hometown in New England. But while “Stick Season” was about a lover from his hometown, “Northern Attitude” is all about the optimism that seemed to be left on the floor of the closet in your childhood bedroom. The verses are structured in a way that sounds like one side of a conversation, perhaps with a parental figure. The chorus transitions into Kahan begging someone to forgive his Northern attitude, as it was just how he was raised.

Remember to keep watch for Noah Kahan’s album “Stick Season,” which drops on October 14th.



Noah Kahan

Released May 1st, 2020


“Anyway” is the fourth track on Noah Kahan’s EP, “Cape Elizabeth”. This song is completely written and produced by Kahan. 

Because the content of this piece is very raw and personal, it makes sense that Kahan only utilizes a guitar for the production. 

The lyricism of “Anyway” is haunting in a way that reaches into the darkness and pulls out an experience you would rather try to forget. Kahan starts the song by describing someone in his life that is struggling. He comforts this person, telling them that no one is angry at them and that he will take care of them. The chorus describes the feeling of always being on edge, preparing yourself for this person to break so you can clean up the pieces again. Moving into the bridge, Kahan strips both the song and his vocals down to the bare bones, giving this section of the song a heartbreaking effect. He reveals that this person only reaches out to him when they are breaking, but he doesn’t mind because he knows he’s the only person who will help. He constantly repeats the hope that he’s not the only one who will see them struggling. This song is incredibly personal and definitely not one to put on your “Good Vibes” playlist.

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