When Haley Wagman isn’t on the court, she is observing and teaching math to seventh grade students. Wagman is a junior point guard on the Messiah Women’s basketball team that is studying secondary math education.

Wagman started playing basketball in the first grade for a youth program and has been playing nonstop ever since.

To prepare  for the upcoming season, Wagman and her team are spending their time conditioning, lifting, and having pick up games. When asked about what Wagman brings to the team she said, “I think my strong suits are ball handling and shooting.”

Some challenges that the team could face this season are new dynamics. They have lost some players and have different numbers than previous seasons. 

“Once we figure out our dynamics, we will just fall into a groove,” Wagman said. 

The Messiah Women’s Basketball Team is a very well bonded close knit team. Wagman says she’s looking forward to seeing how their team chemistry is going to evolve this season. 

“We are really pouring into each other this year,” Wagman said. “There are more opportunities to give into each other just because there’s fewer of us.” 

Wagman has appreciated the fact that Messiah Women’s basketball is surrounded by a great coaching staff that strives to better their team not only as players, but as individuals.  

“They value us as people and not just athletes on their team,” Wagman said.  “They invest in us as individuals.” 

Wagman wants to continue to contribute and give all she has to support her team. When it comes to making goals for the team, they want to continue to grow and keep working hard. 

“The whole season is a process in itself,” Wagman said.  “So working hard everyday so that by the end of the season, we can reach our fullest potential.” 

“On the Sideline” focuses on the Messiah Women’s Basketball team. Each week, Rosie Schiano will highlight a player and keep you updated on the team’s performance as the season progresses.