During last Monday night’s dinner-rush at the Union Cafe, SAB allowed students to take control of the ambiance during what they dubbed “Jukebox Night”. As the post-Thanksgiving, pre-finals week stress kicked in, students eating, studying, and hanging out at Union chose songs based on what they enjoyed and wanted to hear. 

Throughout the night, students could be seen singing along and talking with their friends about the songs playing. According to Emma Bane, SAB’s music executive, this was the hope for the event.

“The goal of the Jukebox Night was to offer a laid back and comfortable way for students to engage with music they love in settings they most frequently occupy,” Bane said.

During the event, students were seen gathering around a table, suggesting music and chatting with both the SAB reps and each other. Bane was among those sitting at the table. 

“It gives me the chance to connect with students one-on-one and get to learn more about them and their music tastes,” Bane said.

Sydney Momot, a sophomore education major, attended the event because she was already sitting in a booth enjoying dinner with a friend. 

“It is a really good idea and the music they’re playing is really good even though not many people are requesting things to be played,” Momot said. “It would be nice if they did something like this more often.”