Note: This is taking into consideration the 2022-23 season only. It’s still early, so this list could change. James Harden, Damian Lillard, Chris Paul, and LaMelo Ball are not mentioned because they haven’t played enough games.


  1. Jrue Holiday

Top 10 in assists and in my opinion, the best perimeter defender in the NBA. His play alongside Giannis this year is a huge reason why they’re 15-5 without Khris Middleton. 


  1. Kyrie Irving

Even with all the controversy, it’s hard for me to put Kyrie out of my top 10 point guard list. Behind Kevin Durant, he’s one of the only reasons that Brooklyn has stayed afloat on the court this year.


  1. Tyrese Haliburton

 Hot Take: Haliburton is the best passer in the NBA this season. He’s currently averaging 11 assists, and has the Pacers as the fourth seed at the start of December. 


  1. Darius Garland

Garland was a top 10 point guard last year, and with the addition of another elite guard in Donovan Mitchell, his production has stayed the same, as he’s still at the top of the league in assists per game.


  1. De’Aaron Fox

Fox has been quietly good this year, having a career year while being super efficient. The Kings have been playing their best basketball in years.  


  1. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

​​The talent and skill of SGA has always been noticeable, but this year he’s made a major jump in his game. He’s currently fifth in scoring and definitely has first team All-NBA potential. 


  1. Trae Young

Young would be higher on the list but he’s so inefficient this year, with 41 percent from the field and 30 percent from the three, which are career lows for him. He’s also a really bad defender. However, he does have the ability to carry an offense and be a great facilitator every night. 


  1. Ja Morant

Morant is easily the most explosive, fun-to-watch, highlight reel player in the league right now. He’s top 10 in points and assists with 28.2 and 7.6 per game, respectively. He’s improved his 3-pointer each year, but his weakness is still on the defensive end. 


  1. Luka Dončić

A generational talent. He leads the NBA in points, and is fourth in assists per game. Currently, Dončić also leads the NBA in triple doubles. Oh, and he’s also first in Play Efficiency Rating. The crazy part is, he’s doing all of this as a 23 year old. 


  1. Stephen Curry

In my opinion, when people think of the point guard position right now, Curry is the first name to come to mind. I believe he’s a top 10 player of all time. He’s the reigning finals MVP, and is third in the league in scoring. Every guard in the league is still trying to chase the success of Steph.


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