Since taking over basketball operations for the 76ers in 2020, Daryl Morey has rescued the team from the tough situation they were left in. The Sixers had little production from anybody not named Joel Embiid. There were glaring flaws on the roster, and cap room was non-existent. 

Morey took a no nonsense approach to these issues. He brought in sharpshooters like Seth Curry and Danny Green, and drafted guard Tyrese Maxey. Al Horford and his massive contract were sent away, creating more cap space.

One season later, Ben Simmons, Andre Drummond and Curry were traded to Brooklyn for James Harden. This move gave the Sixers the scoring and playmaking they desperately needed. Things were looking up for the Sixers, who seemed to have everything they needed to win a championship.

Morey forgot just one thing. Backup center.

In the 2019 semi-finals against the Raptors, the Sixers lost due to being helpless when Embiid was on the bench. One would think this issue would be met aggressively, ensuring it would never happen again.

Instead, in the years that followed, the Sixers approached backup centers like the Phillies used to approach their bullpen: picking up the scraps and praying that the player they sign can magically discover their old form.

Greg Monroe. Dwight Howard. DeAndre Jordan. Montrezl Harrell. Drummond. All these players have failed at keeping the team afloat while Embiid gets his much needed rest. Meanwhile, young players such as Paul Reed and Charles Bassey aren’t given playing time to develop, or are cast off. 

When does it stop?

For Morey and this Sixers front office, it’s time to stop playing around. Year after year, the Sixers lose games because they don’t have a competent backup center. Before this Thursday’s trade deadline, there needs to be an aggressive move to get a proven backup center.

This is easier said than done, of course. The Sixers aren’t the only team in dire need of a good backup center. Thankfully, the Sixers have assets.

Matisse Thybulle has been a polarizing player for the Sixers lately. Despite offensive and defensive improvements, he is still inconsistent. He could be a valuable trade chip.

Furkan Korkmaz requested a trade Monday. Korkmaz has been the odd man out on the bench, but other teams may think Korkmaz could improve if given proper playing time. The same goes for Reed.

As for targets, some of the rumored players have been Naz Reid, Mason Plumlee, and Nerlens Noel. Reid would likely cost the most out of these players, but it may just be worth the risk.

The Sixers have one of the most talented rosters in the NBA. They have a fantastic opportunity to bring Philadelphia its first NBA title since 1983. And yet, the same glaring flaw that’s been there for half a decade is still killing them.

No more games. No more ignorance. It’s time to seize the moment and add the final piece to the puzzle.

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