Let’s face it: NBA All-Star Weekend just isn’t what it used to be. Fans, coaches and ratings definitely agree, as this year’s All-Star game was the least-watched in recent history, and Nuggets head coach Michael Malone said it was the worst game he’s ever been a part of.

Players don’t care about it like they used to. Obviously it’s supposed to be fun but it feels like they’re not even trying to give the fans a show. The all star game traditionally isn’t competitive at all, and it only gets even slightly competitive at the end of the game. But this year it really felt like it was lacking a spark and some reason to watch the game. It’s supposed to be an honor to be selected to play in the all star game, but to most who tuned in, it was a glorified layup line.

 The dunk contest has been pretty underwhelming for most years since 2016. In 2020 with Aaron Gordon and Derrick Jones Jr. it was fun to watch, and this year Mac McClung definitely put on a show. But, people have been saying that they want to see stars compete in contests like the dunk contest. Ja Morant, one of the best dunkers in the league, doesn’t want to do the dunk contest for whatever reason. 

There are a good amount of players that could definitely be great for the dunk contest, but we haven’t seen them yet. I also think there’s a lack of creativity in the contest as well, and it sometimes seems like we’ve been seeing the same dunks for the past few years or so. 

The three point contest is always competitive from what I can remember, and everyone loves seeing the top players just shoot the lights out. I also feel like players want to be more competitive in that event to show that they’re the best shooter, and that’s great too. Plus, the skills challenge is okay and I think the new format is alright, so there’s not much to say there either.

However, the overall success of all-star weekend really depends on the stars of the NBA. If they’re not playing or competing in some of the contests, fans are less likely to tune in.

 After all, they vote for the starters in the all-star game, so that’s who they want to see. 

Most fans don’t want to see role or  bench players in these events, and all-star weekend was made for the stars! So let’s start getting the best of the best back competing during all-star weekend, and not just in the final game. 

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