“Healer” by Casting Crowns Album Review


“Healer” is Casting Crowns’ ninth and most recent studio album. Casting Crowns was started by youth pastor Mark Hall as a youth group initiative at First Baptist Church in Florida. Today, it is one of the most popular bands in Contemporary Christian Music and recently celebrated 20 years as a band. 

When I listen to this album as a whole, I recognize an overarching theme of our world’s deep need for Jesus. The title track, “Healer”, says it well: “The whole world’s looking for something / But what we need is someone,” and later, “Deep down every hurting heart knows / We need the healer / And only Jesus is the healer.” How true is this!

The song “Second Opinions” is one of the most creative songs on the album, and very accurate and relevant to our culture. It’s a clever critique of lukewarm Christianity, with my favorite line being, “It’s high time we turned our interest to God’s word instead of Pinterest.” I love Casting Crown’s dedication to calling out lukewarm Chrisitanity in the modern Church.

(Side note: Casting Crowns came out with a 20th anniversary album with a new reimagined version of the song “Second Opinions’, and I like it even more than the original. I recommend you check it out as well!)

            “Crazy People” celebrates how followers of Christ stand out as odd in a world with opposing values, encouraging believers to embrace this identify rather than be ashamed of it. 

“Scars in Heaven” is another excellent and moving song on the album, especially to those who have lost loved ones. It goes much deeper than the cliche “they’re in a better place now,” as it acknowledges the deep wounds left in those who have lost people close to them. Yet it also recognizes that Heaven is real and Chrisitans have a unique perspective, as we know there is hope after death. 

“Desert Road” is also a highlight of this album, which is a song of encouragement to follow the Lord closely, despite our circumstances: “Even if it means I’m walking on this desert road.” 

Overall, this album is a great addition to Casting Crowns’ long history of amazing and worshipful albums.

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