“Hymn of Heaven” by Phil Wickham Album Review

For my first column, I find it fitting to start with my favorite album of all time (or, at least, the one that currently holds this ranking, though it’s subject to frequent change since I love so many albums.) 

“Hymn of Heaven” was released in 2021 by singer, songwriter, and worship leader Phil Wickham. Some of his notable radio hits before this album include “This Is Amazing Grace,” “Your Love Awakens Me,” and “Living Hope.” 

The album “Hymn of Heaven” includes the hit singles “Hymn of Heaven,” “Battle Belongs,” “House of the Lord,” and “1,000 Names.” These four songs have gotten a lot of radio time, and I believe this is well-deserved. 

I fell in love with the title track, “Hymn of Heaven,” the first time I heard it at Powerhouse, and it made me listen to Phil Wickham’s music even more. It follows the same structure as “Living Hope,” which has always been a favorite of mine, with the third verse serving as a sort of bridge, which is repeated and ends in a powerful moment that leads back to the triumphant chorus of worship. 

“Battle Belongs” is a powerful anthem of hope and surrender, reminding us that our battles are best won on our knees in prayer rather than through our own strength.

“House of the Lord” is an energetic call to worship. It works very well as an attention-grabbing opener for a church service.

“1,000 Names” has one of my all-time favorite bridge sections, as it powerfully declares some of God’s many names, such as Rock of Ages, Son of Man, Death Defeater, and finally, the One True God. 

I would also like to draw attention to two of the lesser-known tracks on this album that I find especially moving: “Heart Full of Praise” and “His Name is Jesus”. They are both underrated in my opinion, as they are not as widely known as some of the other songs on this album. I hope to see these songs start coming up more in worship services, as they are both very conducive to corporate worship. 

I enjoy every song on “Hymn of Heaven.” The album consists of a good mix of slower ballads, powerful anthems, and energetic songs – and some that fit into more than one of these categories. It’s always hard for me to pick favorites when it comes to music, but I would currently name “Hymn of Heaven” as my favorite worship album.

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