I have been listening to “Endless Praise” by Charity Gayle on replay for the past few weeks. Although this album was released in 2021, it did not come onto my radar until recently. 

It’s now on my bucket list to attend a worship event led by Gayle, as I can imagine each song on this album being very powerful to hear live. 

My favorite tracks on this album are “Endless Praise,” “I Speak Jesus,” “Thank You Jesus For the Blood,” and “New Name Written Down in Glory.”

“Endless Praise” gives a glimpse at what it will be like when we join together in worship in God’s throne room. The first verse, “I can’t wait for eternity / join the song they’re already singing / holy, holy, holy are you,” evokes imagery from Revelation 4, in which the four living creatures sing His praise day and night, singing “holy, holy holy.”

“I Speak Jesus” is the first Gayle song I encountered. Having had the privilege of leading it on my church’s praise team, I can attest to the potency of proclaiming the name of Jesus live in a room full of people proclaiming His name, speaking this truth over fear, anxiety, addiction and depression.

The Gospel is beautifully told through the moving lyrics of “Thank You Jesus For the Blood,” culminating in a powerful bridge: “There is nothing stronger / Than the wonder-working power of the blood.”

“New Name Written Down in Glory” always makes me want to dance. It’s such a celebratory and high-energy worship song. It has one of the most fun bridges I’ve heard in worship music, which repeats: “I am who I am because the I Am tells me who I am,” and builds back into the declarative chorus: “There is a new name written down in glory

/ and it’s mine, yes, it’s mine.”

If you aren’t familiar with Gayle’s music, I highly recommend you check out this worship album. These tracks are just my top highlights; the entire album is amazing.


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