I’ll be honest; I am not consistently drawn to heavier rock music. However, I am very glad I came across the band Honor & Glory.

The lead singer, Kevin Young, is more well-known than Honor & Glory, as he is also the lead singer of the more popular Christian rock band Disciple.

So what is the difference between Honor & Glory and Disciple? Disciple identifies as a Christian rock band while Honor & Glory prefers the title of simply a worship band. I can see why; the lyrics to every song on this album are very worship-focused.

My favorite tracks are “You Are God (When the World is on Fire),” “Come Alive” and “God of My Story.”

I recommend the song “You Are God (When the World is on Fire)” for moments in which you feel out of control in life and need a high-energy song to remind you to surrender everything to God. The lyrics to the chorus read, “You are God when the world is on fire / When it seems out of control / You are God of infinite power / Unrivaled Lord of All.” The bridge follows up with our response to knowing God’s power: “I am letting go of worry / I am casting off anxiety / For the God who brings the dead to life / Is the God who is alive in me.”

“Come Alive” continues this theme of trusting God’s power over our lives: “Whatever may come my way / I make a choice to give you praise / Even on the hardest day / I trust you.” 

“God of My Story” also testifies to God’s control over and plan for our lives, even in times when we cannot see how He is working: “Through all of my history from valley to victory / Beginning and ending, every chapter is yours.”

I’m glad I came across this band. Currently, they only have this one self-titled album, and I’m hoping they release more music soon!


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