Design Assistant

Job Description

  • Create graphics for Pulse publications (The Swinging Bridge magazine and The Clarion yearbook), brochures, advertising material or other projects in a timely manner, using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop
  • Demonstrate a good understanding of layout design and typography
  • Attend meetings with design staff / managers to collaborate and to improve skills and knowledge as a designer
  • Work with Design Manager / Yearbook Manager, AV staff and editors to gather content (text, photographs, ads, graphics) and prepare it for the layout design. This may
    include collaborating with other departments across campus, sorting content, photo editing, etc.
  • Design and layout The Swinging Bridge magazine and the Clarion yearbook, creating excellent work as determined by Design Manager, Yearbook Manager, Pulse Editor-in-Chief, Pulse Student Manager and Design Team
  • Learn to more effectively communicate information to campus in engaging ways

by studying cutting-edge design through the review other publications and media platforms

  • Report to Design Manager and Yearbook Manager for other responsibilities
Organization-wide Expectations
  • Attend Pulse orientation at the end of the summer
  • Recruit actively throughout the year both for paid staff, working at promotional fairs and helping publicize (hanging posters, filling magazine racks, etc.) for the Pulse
  • Keep work space organized

Application Form (Do not exit page until complete)

I am currently, or anticipate being, placed on the following probation(s)

To be considered for the position, you must have 2 Messiah employees complete a short online reference form on your behalf. After you fill out this application, send the reference link at the bottom of the page to those two employees.

To be considered for the position, you must share a portfolio of relevant design works (created in Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator). Your portfolio should be in the form of a PDF file shared with "". Your file should be titled "firstname_lastname_portfolio"

To be considered for the position, you must submit a resume. Your resume should be submitted as a PDF shared with "". Please title your resume "firstname_lastname_resume".

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