Madeline Crocenzi
Summer Director

Name: Naugle Hall


Height/Weight: Four floors, approximately 275 students

Position: North side of campus. One side is across the street from Fry Apartments and the other from Miller Residence Hall.

Highlights: Air-conditioning, carpet, kitchens, study rooms, closest to major parking lots

Resident Director: Josiah Hatfield

Other key players: RA staff members Madison Neimer, Joseph Yoon, Adam Stern, Jacob Edmunds, Rich Speeney, Jordan Frederick, Akinyi Cooke, and Miriam Cockerman

Bio: Four-year Naugle Resident Director, Josiah Hatfield, says Naugle’s lawn space makes it unique. Trees, a sloping hill, and plenty of sunshine in the fall and spring, make Naugle a “majestic” view from the road, says Hatfield.

Besides the lawn, first-year students can appreciate a dedicated RA staff in which many are familiar with Naugle. Hatfield says he hires back many Naugle alumni and RA’s from previous years to build upon the previous year’s work. Naugle also boasts a fun twist on the first-year community weeks with “Nauglympics.” Nauglympics is a weeklong spring event with different competitions every day.

Notable: While the other two first-year resident directors have babies, Josiah and his wife Jorjette, are the proud parents of cat Eleanor. Eleanor can often be seen basking in the window of the Hatfield’s Naugle apartment.

Quote: “Something that I focus on and want for all my Naugle residents is somewhere that feels like home in a sense that they feel safe and they feel comfortable there. Not just for the sake of feeling safe and comfortable, those are important things, but for it to be a place where they can learn and grow.” – Josiah Hatfield



Name: Bittner Hall

20150724-IMG_4115Height/Weight: Four floors, approximately 180 students

Position: South side of campus. Located in the south complex with Mountain View and Sollenberger Residence Halls. Across the street from Witmer.

Highlights: Air-conditioning, carpet, study room, conference room

Resident Director: Tim Ferret

Other key players: RA staff members Clark Goodwin, Shelby Stanhope, Bridgette Rodgers, Jamie Armstrong, Samuel Brock, and Jacob Glensor

Bio: Two-year Bittner Resident Director, Tim Ferret, says that although Bittner is smaller in numbers, the floors themselves are larger than those in Witmer and Naugle. Each floor has a strong identity and tradition that helps build community. Students living in Bittner this year will become a part of the long-standing Bruderhof, Ohana, Basilea, or Laule’a traditions depending on which floor they are assigned to.

Students can look forward to events such as the building’s picnic, named Bitnic in the fall, Bittnerween on Halloween, and worship opportunities or gym nights during J-Term. During the spring, Bittner hosts “Beach Week”, named after the popular lawn spot outside the building, Bittner Beach.

Notable: Due to an increased demand for upper-class housing, there will be a fair number of upper-class students living in Bittner. Ferret says the number of upper-class residents living in Bittner this year is higher than the past three years. While some may view this as a challenge, Ferret is excited to make upper-class students a part of the Bittner experience.

Quote: “I really enjoy having the traditions on each floor. It’s kind of like the more positive aspects of a fraternity or sorority experience. You’ve heard about it and for them (Bittner students), it may be only coming into welcome week, but they’re going to hear the floor name, hear about some of these programs and learn the vision behind the theme. Right away they can kind of relate to it and identify with it.” – Tim Ferret


Name: Witmer Hall



Height/Weight: Four floors, approximately 300 students

Position: South side of campus. Next to Mellinger Apartments and across the street from Bittner.

Highlights: Air-conditioning, carpet, kitchens, study rooms, computer lab, basement dance studio

Resident Director: Paula Hoffman

Other key players: RA staff members Chloe Stokes, HaSung Kang, Dana Gangitano, Andrew Foley, Alec Marshall, Courtney Donah, Jeffrey Stiles, Haley Warner, and Molly Gallagher

Bio: While Witmer is often known for its seclusion, three-year Witmer Resident Director Paula Hoffman says that’s one of the best parts of the building. The seclusion gives students a chance to “rally together,” says Hoffman. There are other positive aspects to Witmer’s location, such as the close proximity to the Witmer cross, the fit trail, and the soccer field.

One thing Hoffman likes to do is host different finals week activities each night. Last year she set aside coloring books and crayons for residents. Another night was devoted to peppermint with peppermint patties, mints, gum, and tea, because peppermint is good for memory. However the most well-known Witmer tradition is winning the coveted golden torch during the first-year games. If Witmer can manage another victory this year, the building will pull off a never before seen three-peat.

 Notable: Hoffman and her husband, Rusty, are excited to introduce their five-month old son Finlay to the new students.

Quote: “I always tell my students, Witmer’s weird. Witmer’s unique. It is a different place. I think what really makes Witmer that special place is the seclusion and the way that our students have always, in my two years here, bonded together in ways that I couldn’t have imagined.” – Paula Hoffman