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Please, please, please! Be passionate about your passions! It sounds like such a simple request, a call to action so undemanding that it doesn’t even need to be said, right? Wrong! Think about it. When we talk to one another we almost always start with some small...

Student Body Presidential Debate

On Wednesday, February 23 the Student Body Presidential Debate was held in the Union. At the end of the debate, the candidates answered questions submitted by students. The questions and answers can be found below. To learn more about each candidate, read here. Visit...
Odd October Holidays: National Chocolate Day

Odd October Holidays: National Chocolate Day

Writers: Alexis Sheely and Kaitlin Merlino October comes to a close in just a few days with many people preparing to celebrate this month’s crowning holiday, Halloween. While potential trick-or-treaters settle in for a spooky night at home because of concerns with...
The Return of Messiah Sports

The Return of Messiah Sports

After a long Saturday, Messiah concluded its action-packed weekend on Shoemaker Field with both men’s and women’s soccer. Earlier in the day, softball, baseball and men’s and women’s cross country took to their respective fields and courses with students in...
The Return of Messiah Sports

Looking to a Bright Future

As Messiah College transfers to Messiah University, they also transfer from one athletic director to another. An athletic director of a college or university has many duties and responsibilities necessary for success in the athletic department. They oversee the teams,...

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