Bree Whitelock
Online Editor

Three months out and one week back, I’m reminded how much I’ve missed scoping out and spotting the latest fashion trends around campus. The start of a new school year always promises fun first-week finds as students have had all summer to pull together new pieces for their wardrobe.

This week’s number one trend that kept constantly catching my eye – shorts. Guys and girls alike took to the trend and certainly ran with it. From bright colors, to fun patterns… well I guess you can have a see for yourself:


Junior Taylor Hook reals you in with the incredibly mesmerizing print of her pants, not to mention the light and airy feel they bring to the look. Properly pairing colors is the biggest key to tying pieces together; the paralleled blue hue in both the shirt and shorts helps to bring the look full circle.


Like swiping the brightness level of your phone screen down a bit, Junior Shelby Carey follows this look similarly while keeping the colors more subtle. These fun shorts give the appeal of a dressier look, while still keeping the comfort at a maximum level. Fashion’s all about comfort while looking classy, right?


It even looks as though senior Mitch Kornhaus agrees on shorts as a solid first week choice as he flaunts a bold print during his last first week of school. Shorts are a fashion piece that dressed down can go unnoticed, but dressed up can make the statement you might be hoping for. Gentlemen, throw a bow-tie in and you’re set to go.


In a more classic, laid back approach, junior Jenna McClain shows how sometimes nothing remains more fitting than denim. Especially ripped denim – it’s the muscle that pulls the whole look together. From class to late night shenanigans with friends, you’re sure to find yourself comfortably fitting in with an outfit choice such as this.

Take time to notice the fashion trends sprouting around campus this fall and check back each week for an updated column!