The student leaders oversee all the departments run by The Pulse including yearbook, magazine, business, design, radio, audio/visual, and online. They plan events, run meetings, and work together to increase the productivity and the quality of the organization to better serve the campus through news and media.


Name: Ally Coonradt Hall
Position: Student Director
Major: Public Relations
Year: Senior
From: Harrisburg, PA

About Me: I love Jesus, dogs, glitter, and kicking butt.

Life Motto: Leave a trail of glitter wherever you go. I mean that both literally and metaphorically. It means you try to add happiness and good things to everyone you meet.

Advice: No matter what you do, there will always be an equal amount of people who support you and those who don’t. Do what you believe is right. Try your best and lean on those that will support you!

Odd Thing About Me: Only one? I like to drink mushroom and olive juice out of the can… I’ll let you finish vomiting.


Name: David Broomell
Position: Assistant Student Director
Major: Marketing
Year: Senior
From: Lancaster, PA

Fun Fact: My name is not David… It’s Phares! Like in Ferris Buller’s Day Off just spelled differently. Phares is my first name and David is my middle name, I’ve just always been called David, although in Messiah’s records my name is Phares. So whenever I order food from the Union, I usually hear my name called, as they usually pronounce it, “fairies”.

Odd Thing About Me: So, apparently, when I brush my teeth instead of moving the toothbrush I shake my head… I don’t think it’s that inefficient, maybe just looks funny.

Biggest Pet Peeve: When someone answers a question in class, then another student responds to their question  by saying, “To piggy-back off of that” and goes on to simply repeat what the other student said in different wording…