Starting Thursday, September 10th through October 15th a six-week small group chapel series will begin.You can gain access to the list on MCSquare under ‘self-service main menu’ and then ‘personal information.’ There you will sign up for the six-week series of your choice.

The small groups and a brief description are also listed here:

1. Men Pursuing God Together       

Facilitator(s): Doug Wood, Mike Blount & Co.       

Location: Boyer 131

This chapel series will explore what it means to be a Christian man in today’s world. Led by a variety of male educators, our exploration will address topics of spirituality, media, sex, motivation, and healthy maleness.

2. Psalms of Life

Facilitator: Brian Smith     

Location: Parmer Cinema

The book of Psalms has long been a favorite source for Christian worship and devotional expression. But how much do we really know of the artistry, variety, and spirituality of these poems? This series will celebrate the psalms by connecting their ancient Israelite flavor to our contemporary Christian faith.

3. Exploring Christianity

Facilitator: Kevin Villegas     

Location: LSU 237

The purpose of this six-week chapel series is to provide a safe space for students who do not identify as Christians or for those new to Christianity to explore more deeply the basic tenets of Christian faith, particularly as it is practiced in the United States generally and at Messiah College specifically.

4. Small Group Leader Training            

Facilitator: Evie Telfer     

Location: Boyer 130

This series is for students who are interested in small group leadership who are currently leading a group and desire further training. We will take a hands-on approach to learning and practicing the key skills of small group leadership. Topics will include planning for different learning styles and spirituality types, building community, stages of group development, organizing a study for great discussion, and extending the meaning beyond the group. Though this series is sponsored by Koinonia, you don’t have to be part of Koinonia to attend.

5. A Life of Service

Facilitator: Ashley Sheaffer     

Location: Boyer 231

This six-week series is open to students participating in an Agapé Center weekly Service Team or Fall Break Service Trip. Students hired to work in the Agapé Center and leaders of weekly service trips and/or Fall Break trips are also welcome to attend, and this chapel will serve as an add-on to other training they receive. Through reflection, reading and discussion, we will explore themes of Christian faith, poverty & privilege, reciprocity, and the shadow-side of service.

6. Redefining Greatness                  

Facilitator: Doug Miller 

Location: Parmer Recital Hall

Who among us doesn’t want to be great?  A great student…a great leader…a great friend…a great professional someday…a great person.  We often invest significant time, money, and effort in the pursuit of greatness.  But is our perspective of greatness congruent with God’s?   Descending Into Greatness by Bill Hybels will provide insight into what makes us great in God’s eyes.

7. Leading and following in the workplace 

Facilitator: Sarah Jones

Location: Kline 113

This series will explore the connection between faith and vocation. How is faith made real in the workplace? What does it mean to honor Lord Jesus with the labor of our heads and our hands and to do so in concert with coworkers?

8. He said/She said                          

Facilitators: Glen and Morgan Dornsife

Location: Grantham Hall 132 (the Fishbowl)

Using a TED talk by Brene Berne as a springboard, this series will discuss the role of good communication in good relationships, drawing upon Biblical wisdom and Christian virtues. Bring your questions, your opinions, your differences!

9. Nurturing a Catholic Faith           

Facilitator: David Hall

Location: Hostetter Chapel 113 (Conference Room)

This series can function both as an introduction to the Catholic tradition to those who do not know much about it and as a refresher course for Catholic students on campus. Topics for discussion will include the role of tradition, personal and corporate faith, authority, sacraments, and liturgy.

10. Theology and Math                      

Facilitators: Christine and Matthew Robinson

Location: Frey 156

In this session a mathematician who is married to a theologian, and a theologian who is married to a mathematician, will explore the intersection of their fields. You don’t have to be theologian or a mathematician to find this fascinating

11. Exercising Our Spiritual Lives

Facilitator: Cathy Morgan

Location: Mountain View 141 (Conference Room)

While it’s always by grace that we experience God, we want to make ourselves ready to receive this grace—to make space in our hearts for God to meet with us. This series will include brief introductions to and space to explore the various spiritual practices by which people have long positioned themselves to seek and be found by God, such as listening, meditation, and direction (among others).

12. Young Life Campaigners

Facilitator: Mike Barbetta

Location: SSC 165

This group will focus on experiencing depth in Christ while sharing our faith with adolescents and is designed for those working with the Young Life ministry.