Bree Whitelock
Online Editor

College kids remain moderately good at one thing – stretching their dollar to the last cent. Well, except for when we purchase something we need, that we didn’t really need, yet really wanted… but that’s a story for a different day.

As students who love fashion but also enjoy saving money, Junior Bree Whitelock, along with Senior Alex Monroe, attempt to recreated some of the many styles behind their “one-stop shop looks.”


A little black dress has always been the remedy to any girls “what do I wear moments.” But people commonly look past what comes next, as in, “what do I wear because I can’t wear the same black dress I’ve worn for the last two weekends.”

More recently, denim joggers have become the staple piece of any guys laid back, classic approach to fashion. How do you manage to repeat this comfy look without receiving the weird brow raise that says, “Do you wash your clothes?”


Starting simple and sticking to the basics of the season they first chose flannels; a layer that left unbuttoned exerts an edgier approach. For the dress, a color-popping flannel helps to keep the dress noticeable as the base piece of the outfit while drawing your focus elsewhere as well. For joggers, the flannel helps with the reverse – your attention is drawn more to the flannel rather than the bottom half of your outfit. The bolder color and straightforward print helps draw your eye to the flannel first then to the rest of each outfit.


Moving across the spectrum, fall floral became the next fashion statement. Choosing what most would see as a warm weather sleeveless top, Whitelock layers over her black dress to give it the extra length it needs to become more than simply a shirt. An added cardigan for warmth moves the outfit from single- season to year round. Monroe uses floral in a more focalized manner to keep the onlookers attention on the top portion of the outfit. Floral is an attention grabber; don’t be shy, floor-em in floral.


Taking a slightly different approach to each piece, both Whitelock and Monroe embrace the phrase “sweater weather.” For a dressier take, gray sweaters seem to hit the mark. An oversized sweater layered on top of the black dress gives the impression of a continued look. For joggers, a sweater increases the credibility, forging the appeal of a completed look. A sweater helps to up the ante for each outfit, making the staple piece go almost unnoticed.


Sometimes it’s fun to strip an outfit down and build it back up. Working with stripes, Whitelock and Monroe keep their outfits simple while still working to draw the eye in. Whitelock’s take on stripes plays a more obvious role in her layering, showing enough of the dress which helps to downplay the look. With simplistic stripe detailing, Monroe’s pairing allows his outfit to be ready for any day to day adventure.

IMG_1387 IMG_1383

An additional take on the layered dress look leads to an appropriately paired crop top, providing a different look perfect for the season upon us. This look provides the appearance of a high-wasted skirt, giving your little black dress one more discrete outfit option to add to your list.

Think of fashion as an art project – there’s always a new combination, color scheme and detail to be perfected. Are seasonal allergies hitting an all-time high or simply sick of your wardrobe? Play dress up for a little (no shame) and see how you can form new twists on old favorites.