Bree Whitelock: Online Editor

The Homecoming Dance is a night of picture-taking, dancing, mingling, and most importantly (in my opinion) fashion. Taking place this past Friday evening, many Messiah students set the stage for being fashion-forward at this year’s Homecoming Dance.

1. Fierce, flirtatious and fabulous – red has never looked better! A color shied away from by many can be the perfect choice for a night meant to stand out among the rest.


2. Never underestimate the power of a statement color. A simple, single-tone dress is effortlessly turned into the talk of the night with pumps that pop with color and a necklace to match.


3. The longer the dress, the longer you keep them talking. This floor length sequin gown makes a statement perfect for an evening unlike any other.


4. Black and white really ties it all together for this outfit. Keeping the color scheme neutral and classy, the bold crispness of the tie makes this outfit really work.


5.  Over the shoulder, but so not over this look. Keeping things fun and fabulous, a two-tone dress with the perfect hint of shimmer will make the fellas shimmy a little closer to you all night.


6. Give me a sequin (second) while I do a double take. When worn in good taste, a sequin dress such as this sparks a seriously fun evening.


7. The game’s been changed. The splash of color this dress brought to the night exemplifies the strong ability color has to make or break an outfit. In this case, the bar has been raised.


8. No one said keeping things simple was a bad thing. A simply detailed black dress helps to accentuate the clever detailing of this student’s mask.


9. Simple and to the point, this outfit shows how a little care and basic matching can bring your outfit up to the big leagues.